By | July 21, 2014

YES! It is that time of year when we all head out to the blueberry patch!
Come visit and we will direct you to Jensen’s Blueberry a historic Century Farm. Wilbur Jensen was the music teacher here many years back and from the air the blueberry field is in the shape of a grand piano!
OR we can send you on to Valentines Blueberry patch. These younger bushes are low to the ground and GREAT for small children to help with the picking…..and eating!
Need to cool off after picking berries? We can send you to an ideal swimming hole up the Elk River!
Don’t like picking berries? No worries! I pick up fresh berries from the Valentines every week and sell them at the Port Orford Farmers Market Saturday from 9am-noon!
AND you can also purchase BLUEBERRY TARTS! But show up early they go FAST! We also have cranberry orange bread (to die for!) and lemon pound cake, not to mention cookies and granola.
Heading out for a picnic? Pick up a loaf of John’s bread and a container of Tofe Patu. (not a typo, but the best tofu pate you will ever try! Even if you don’t think you like tofu!)
Book you stay today and we will make sure you get the most “local” out of your visit!
John & Cathy

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